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Johnny Daigneault?

I am a multi-purpose designer living in Boston. After receiving a BFA from Notheastern University, I combined my passions for quality craftsmanship and compelling web design and started Eastworks Leather.

I enjoy crafting interesting designs, code and wallets.

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Eastworks Leather

Eastworks is a small, handmade leather goods operation with a focus on quality design and craftsmanship.

Large, realistic and responsive imagery allows the user to almost feel the product before they order it. A simple and effective UI streamlines the e-commerce experience.

Eastworksleather.com has been featured on:

"Uniforma" Typeface

Uniforma is a monoline slab-serif typeface intended for use on the web. The wide, open letterforms scale well, allowing for use in large, bold headlines and in text.

Cambridge Sound Management

Metropolis Creative

Cambridge Sound Management is a leader in sound-masking technology for the workplace. Metropolis Creative was asked to create a product catalog for their Qt PRO lineup outlining the benefits of their product over competitors. The catalog includes custom 3D illustrations visualizing how the Qt system is installed and zoned within a workspace.

Misc. School Work

The following is a small collection of work completed while at Northeastern University.

"Death of a Salesman" was featured in:


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